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Zodiac - film 
3rd-Aug-2007 11:13 am
Review: Zodiac
Director: David Fincher
Warnings: None 
So I think this has been out for awhile in the states, not sure about else where??

But this is the true story about a notorious serial killer, in the 60's - early 70's, based on two books writern about the crimes and follows the people who investigated the murders to one mans absolute obsession with finding and proving who did it.......
It stars amongst others, Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey JNR and Anthony Edwards....

For starters there are no holds barred on the violence, this is the director that brought you se7en and fight club, so yes there is some gore. But its within context, the opening scenes are chilling and right from the start you really feel the brutality and senselessness of the murders... The police are left wondering who could of attacked this young couple, leaving the guy alive albeit barely ......
We move onto him taunting the police and writing to newspapers, ( the chronical) in the San Francisco area, calling himself the Zodiac killer, sending in criptic clues via codes as his crimes become more heinous and savage, moving into the San Franciso area.. so much so that people fear for their lives, wont go out at night, inabilty to talk about their encounters, disappearing without talking to the cops ( he leaves a few survivors)...

Mark Ruffalo and Anthony Edwards play the San Franciso cops charged with finding this person quickly, with or without the help from other police departments in the areas the killer has struck before.Their performances are really solid as they become more and more frustrated with the lack of help, co-operation and the inabilty to make sense of what this person is doing. Its worth noting I thought Anthony's performance was a nice move away from Mark Green of Cook County General, ( at long last!).

Mark Ruffalo is frustrated, annoyed, badgered from above to bring results and downright haggard towards the end, I wont say to much else about his character, but I love this guy, apart from the cuteness, he just makes for a great performer!

Robert Downey JNR plays the crime desk reporter on the chronical, this guy (Downey) is just a genius, despite all of his off screen problems, he always delivers and we watch as his character spirals into oblivion, drinking himself out of a job and paling next to Jake Gyllenhaals characters understanding of the killer.

Jake plays the papers cartoonist, (the author of the books) who seems to have a basic understanding of all the clues the killers leaving, he becomes more and more obsessed and one gets the feeling his life has never been quite the same since his wife left, until these turn of events. He finds love, played by Chloe Sevigny they settle down and have a family, to add to the child he has already. The kiilings have now stoped, they have a prime suspect but cannot link him in anyway other than circumstancial. Its the end of the line for some, they give up, but Jakes character continues, it is his quest. A quest that costs him his family, his job and sanity...

I leave it there as to what happens,  it is really amazing how criminal investigation has moved on and how much red tape really does damage cases in its labourious time consuming way, but that it is also of the upmost importance..
Fincher's films always leave me satisfied in everyway!!, atmosphere, pacing, action and this one doesnt fail to deliver.. 
I recommend you go rent the dvd...

3rd-Aug-2007 12:42 pm (UTC)
Yep. Completely agree with you on this one. Fincher manages to perfectly capture the mood of that time, the naivety, the slowness. Loved all the characters, the attention to detail - and his endings always deliver something unexpected, something that stays with you a long time after the movie's ended even though it doesn't necessarily resolve itself. Gotta love that ;)
3rd-Aug-2007 12:57 pm (UTC)
Thanks, he had a stellar cast did he not, which always helps *giggle*..
and you are right it did have me thinking about things long after the film had ended!!
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