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screen review
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Supernatural - tv show 
3rd-Aug-2007 01:12 pm

Why? Because I have been rewatching the dvd's, dreaming of the boys and er..... yeh we will leave it at that!

So if you dont know about supernatural and you are female, where the heck have you been.. *cough* joking *cough*...

I was at work on nights and at  my station having my er.. dinner 0130 am, very odd time! When upon the tv came this show.. 'SUPERNATURAL'
As i sat and watched, it had me riveted to the spot, good job we didnt have to go out for a while...

Whats it about ?
Well Its the tale of two Brothers, The Winchesters, Sam ( played by Jared Padalecki) and Dean (played by Jenson Ackles)  they travel the country investigating (amongst other things) paranormal and unexplained events. They encounter many mythical beings, such as Vampires, Ghosts and Demons and all in one hot car to a wicked soundtrack!
There is tragedy behind the brothers, they have a father ( John Winchester, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan), pursuing a Demon that killed the boys mother, (Mary) when Sam was but a baby and Dean a child, they have spent much of their childhood  following their father.  Who in his obsessed and mournful state has trained them to fight against such 'forces of evil' regardless of their tender age because
It transpires that a psychic told John that something supernatural killed his beloved 'Mary'. 

However Sam rebelled against the lifestyle, wanting a normal life whereby he left his family and went and got himself a girlfriend and into Stanford University with things going fine until Dean shows up at his door one night to say he needs Sams help as Daddy has gone missing.

Sam rather reluctantly agrees to do this whereby he ends up losing his girlfirend to the same demon and gets caught up in the lifestyle he swore off of through his grief. And that is really where season 1 takes off, with a spectacular finale that involves the boys and their daddy of whom they have finally found, as well as the demon they have all seeked!
Season 2 starts off with a bang and a deal,upon which the boys are once again cast off in search of thhat pesky demon through another tragedy, the find out that there are more 'hunters' out there like them, although others motives arent as well intended as theirs.. They find solice in a roadhouse, all the time finding new things out about their daddy and the world and people he encountered, they use his journal as a guide as he filled it with so much information that they find invaluable.. 
We learn more about Sam and why the demon has such an interest in him, also how Dean is so lonely and feels inferior to that of his brother and his dad.... the season finale was just spectacular.. really got your heart racing and most things were tied up from season 1 and 2, with new things created for YES season 3, including Dean's heartbreaking selling his soul to save his brother... it still makes me cry a lil thinking about it!

I have tried to be as vague as possible (quite easy for me lol) as if you havent seen all the shows I didnt wanna spoil it for you!

The production is stunning on this show, it truely is like a little  film each week, hell even the sound is good, so atmospheric, the writing is original ( come on how many vampire, demon etc genres have you seen!), its witty and tragic and enlighening, The soundtrack is awesome, its classic rock in its all glory, the special effects and the imapala car are so darn hot!

And speaking of hot, I come to the cast.... EYE CANDY FOR EVERYONE!! They are SO pretty, all of them seriously I would sleep with the all of the Winchester men FOR FREE!!! *GUH* is the word! But seriously I have loved each and all of their performances, they have made me laugh, cry and aaahhhh in every show....The supporting cast too are just top knotch, I cannot fault anyone as a weak link!

There really is something for everyone in this show, I look forward to the new season with great anticipation and if you have read all this thanks for letting me fawn over one of the best TV shows out there!!
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