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screen review
for tv and film
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17th-Aug-2007 09:41 am - NCIS Season 4 Finale
[Leverage] OT3
Warnings - spoilers for the majority of season 4

Well, it's been four days and I'm still trying to figure out what the frak is going on.

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3rd-Aug-2007 01:12 pm - Supernatural - tv show

Why? Because I have been rewatching the dvd's, dreaming of the boys and er..... yeh we will leave it at that!

[glee] rachel
Review: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Directed by: David Yates
Warnings: I get flail-y and caps-y.

3rd-Aug-2007 11:13 am - Zodiac - film
Review: Zodiac
Director: David Fincher
Warnings: None 

3rd-Aug-2007 10:26 am - Studio 60 on the sunset strip...

Review: Studio 60 On the sunset strip
Created by: Aaron Sorkin

Warnings: NONE

Hopefully that was okay, just a little thing about the show!
btw Teenwitch I havent tagged this in anyway didnt know if you wanted us to put say, tv show, dvd, film etc so left it blank....
1st-Aug-2007 05:10 pm - Intro post
[AMERICANS] keri and matthew
This is, as the title would suggest, a community for posting reviews.

Ideally, it will serve a variety of purposes - if people want to enhance their writing skills, they can request comments or criticism. If people just want to review something they like, no problem. Film, TV (a post-episodic review of House or Heroes, for example), DVD reviews, they're all welcome. 

However, please put your review behind a cut, or link to it on your journal if you prefer. If you get a bit colourful with the language, you might want to mention that too. You can include a template something like this:

Review: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoneix  
Directed by: David Yates
Warnings: None

Have fun!
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